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We believe there is an army of kingdom influencers found in the aftermath of heart transformation. Entrepreneurs. Mayors. Doctors. Artists. Mothers and Fathers who build godly homes. Marriages that fight for connection. Humans that know their worth. Citizens who serve. Friends who love well.

You can help us lead a generation towards

wholeness of heart.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

This year, your giving will help support these initiatives.

Goal #1: The Living Experience

We are expectantly and prayerfully preparing to launch The {Whole}Hearted Living Experience - a 10 month discipleship environment where participants are immersed in Christ-centered community living. These funds will go towards the start-up, marketing, and operational costs inquired as we set out to enroll a new cohort of participants. 

A few of our priorities include:

Safe Spaces: We value creating residential spaces that make our residents feel at home. Your giving


helps us create physical spaces that become safe havens for our residents to process, connect, heal, and grow together. Spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Solid ResourcesYour generosity will help us provide residents with resources, teaching from guest communicators, and learning experiences that will challenge them towards growth, guide them in their relationship with Jesus, and equip them to lead for years to come.

Strong Community: We're here to break the patterns of isolation depleting the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of our young adults. Your giving enables us to host events and foster environments where young adults can discover the art of friendship, learn healthy relational dynamics, and build a true sense of community.

Goal #2: Video Production

Our goal is to record, produce, and publish video assets to be used for a variety of projects that help further and support our mission. The first major project includes a video curriculum that coincides with our Learning Experience. Other projects include educational resources, promotional content, and periodical updates that highlight what God is doing in our midst. Your contribution will help us fund the labor, talent, and tools needed to make these projects come alive.

Image by Vanilla Bear Films
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