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Live your life on purpose. For a purpose.

There's room

for you here.


Spend 10 months in our family style, shared living experience and stop just existing. Designed to help you cultivate a lifestyle where Jesus permeates the nuances of your everyday life, our living experience doesn’t require you to leave your job, press pause on building that company you’ve always dreamt of, or stop working towards your degree. We want you to show up with your life. All of it. And here, discover how to live empowered by the Holy Spirit alongside

a diverse and authentic community that shares your passion to live and lead like Jesus.



We are committed to providing an environment where you will experience: 



Spiritual & Practical Growth

The gift of friendship & connection 

Enhanced support through feedback &
mentoring opportunities 

Empowerment to thrive in  your relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit



Safe space to practice vulnerability​

Opportunities to lead & take ownership

Belly laughs, spontaneous dance parties, and lots of gathering around the table 

Engaging conversations on tough topics



We are confident that everyone who fully engages in the living experience will grow in their ability to: 



Walk out your God given freedom

Challenge old mindsets and belief systems



Relate to God from a place of intimacy, friendship & partnership

See God and self from healthy, biblical perspective



Identify & develop spiritual gifts and natural talents

Discover how they align with God given passion to define calling



Build healthy & meaningful connections

Practice relationship skills such as navigating conflict & effective communication



Make a mark in your sphere of influence

Bring Biblical perspective and solutions to real world environments 


Rent is a nominal, all inclusive fee that covers rent & utilities and is paid on a monthly basis.
All utility accounts are held by the property owner and are included in the cost of your rent.

As a member of our living community, engagement in the following is a resident commitment: 

  • One community dinner and workshop per week

  • Occasional Serve Days

  • Community Events

  • Semi-Annual Retreat

Common areas are fully furnished to accommodate a variety of activities. Kitchens are stocked with essentials needed to make a homemade meal.

Private rooms are unfurnished allowing residents to make the space their own and have their own personal place of refuge.

Residents are responsible for their own meals and groceries. They are encouraged to team up and share grocery, cooking, and meal planning responsibilities. Community dinner takes place once a week. 

Residents contribute a monthly $49 feel that covers the cost of items like cleaning supplies, pest control when needed, and special events.

Due to varying availability of storage among each property, storage space may be limited. We do our best to provide some storage space.

As a healthy community of responsible adults, we all clean up after ourselves and collaborate on chores. Common area chores are split among residents and are completed on a bi-weekly basis.

From creatives & entrepreneurs to missionaries & licensed professionals, homes are made up of people with varying backgrounds who join hands to build a well-rounded community. To ensure each home maintains a healthy rhythm, all residents undergo an application and interview process before placement.

Living in community is an opportunity to improve communication skills, share resources, and compromise. Occurring at least once a month, house meetings provide a safe and open space for residents to resolve conflict, make agreements, and connect on upcoming plans.

The culture, rhythm, and operations of each home is maintained by a trained community manager who lives on the property.

From dinner parties and small groups to worship and game nights, events are a frequent occurrence in our homes. We’ve crafted event guidelines for hosting events to prevent annoying your housemates and neighbors. As a community, we also host events that welcome residents from other {WHOLE}HEARETED homes and the local community.

Our living experience is perfect for those willing to commit to the process of transformational growth as they seek the warmth of relational community and intimacy with Jesus. Whether you are relocating for a new job, working remotely, earning a degree, or starting a new company, this experience is for young adults who want to steward their influence for kingdom purpose.



Now accepting applications for Fall 2021!

Fill out the form below to request an application package.
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