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We can’t tell the story of Wholehearted without first telling you about the humans who’ve been commissioned to carry its torch. 


In many ways, we couldn’t be more different and more alike all at once. When our paths crossed by means of a local church small group in our late twenties, a budding friendship was the last thing either one of us foresaw. We were the girls who sat on opposite ends of the cafeteria in High School.


Tania is the athletic, goal driven, natural-born leader who thrives on the thrill of an adventure and charges into awkward situations by pointing out the elephant in the room. Omarys is the precautious, socially awkward, rule-following creative who prefers the predictability of order and routine.

We surrendered our assumptions of each other after a few conversations over fro-yo and found that beneath our armor of self-preservation we were far more alike than we’d realized. We learned that we both carried a furious, burning belief that God had designed us to thrive outside the lines of the ordinary. Eventually, Tania began to open up about her frustration with the disconnect between where her feet met the ground and the things she believed the Lord had called her to. She had a deep seeded passion to encourage, equip, and raise people up into their God given potential and identity. The more Tania shared, the more Omarys heard the echoes of conversations she had spent years privately engaging in with the Lord. Tania’s yearning to pour into the lives of others felt all too familiar.

God began to unveil the tangible practicalities of what Tania’s passion could become during her three month sabbatical in late 2018. He began to give her context. To put vision on the things she hadn’t been able to provide detail for. Over dinner one particular evening, Tania enthusiastically shared her newfound revelation with Omarys and for a brief moment it was like time stood still. Omarys realized Tania was detailing some of the very same things she had written down in her journal several years prior. It felt like her dreams had been appointed to someone else.

After wrestling with the Lord over the eerie similarity of what our hearts beat for, Omarys decided to lay her dream down and champion Tania on. But Tania was already running full speed ahead and knee deep in conversation with God about the likelihood that we were purposed to carry this torch alongside one another. She knew Omarys wouldn’t move in any direction God didn’t clearly lead. She was also well aware of Omarys’ bend towards protecting the sanctity of friendship. So she left it in the Lord’s hands and told Him that if a partnership was indeed His will He would have to reveal it to Omarys privately.

Three months later, Omarys woke up in the middle of the night to what felt like the most audible of sounds speaking out one word. Partner. And she knew exactly what it meant.

The following evening Omarys sat in front of a blinking cursor on a blank document and jotted down notes on the heartbeat that would fuel what we were missioned to build. The document was titled, Wholehearted.

God spent the next twelve months threading and weaving, building, molding, and forming a vision that has turned out to be far larger than anything we could have ever fashioned with our bare hands. In its simplest form Wholehearted Collaborative is a reflection of what we’ve experienced God do in our lives as individuals. It was born out of a crazy, wild, radical desire to see God do the same in others. We carry a deep devotion to see people’s lives transformed - washed, rinsed, and stamped in the reality that there is nothing beyond redemption. Our goal is to see people walk in true intimacy and authentic relationship with God and each other as they thrive in everything God created them to be.

We absolutely love that you’ve joined us on this journey.





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